NoSQL in PostgreSQL

If you like your database loosely defined, take a look at PostgreSQL’s hstore module, starting around version 8.3:

After enabling this module, you can add an “hstore” type column to your table, then store any number of key/value pairs in that column, as long as each key and each value is smaller than 64k.

This in itself is not that big of a deal, you have always been able to store stuff in columns, but hstore allows searching on keys!

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Practice losing fast

Matt Ringel (@ringel) says this frequently about Go: “lose your first 3,000 games as fast as you can.” You learn a lot from your failures. If you take this literally, the Android app Hactar Go Lite is a perfect way to learn go.

Hactar starts you out with simple Go problems and as you find your own solutions it lets you advance gradually. By the time you finish all the problems you will have developed your own strategy and what’s equally important you will recognize an unwinnable situation early on! Because knowing when to stop doing something is key to overall success.

Now apply this thought to other areas of your life. Is this relevant anywhere else?

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