AWS SAM and the case of missing directories – Solution

I think serverless is the future, so I have been going through a Nodejs Lambda tutorial to learn more about it. Amazon recommends SAM for provisioning Lambda functions and it’s pretty straightforward at first sight.

Later you will learn that AWS SAM is opinionated, and it keeps its opinions to itself. It doesn’t tell you what it does, how it does it, there are no options to change it, and not much of a debug function to see what goes wrong.

sam build did not copy a directory into my Node package. Documentation says nothing about this behavior. Debug shows no information about what gets copied. Googling led nowhere. Eventually I simply guessed that it reads my .gitignore file and it ignores everything that I want Git to ignore, and I was right. And I was grumpy.

TL/DR: If you have missing files or missing directories in your sam build package, look at your .gitignore

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